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Monika Maron

We help you protect your IP rights

Area of Practice

Intellectual property is a valuable asset that requires lasting protection. We represent and defend your interests against competitors, imitators and infringers. Schiweck Weinzierl Koch builds a comprehensive protection portfolio with you and applies for your protective rights at the national and international level, as well as enforces and defends your rights against third parties. We represent our clients in legal disputes and assist in infringement proceedings and dispute settlement. A central focus of our services is the delivery of expert opinions on the legal validity of existing protective rights and infringement or non-infringement of intellectual property rights. The opening-up of new markets requires evaluations on freedom to operate to be carried out– a key practice of our office. Our focus is also on the latest developments in the legal protection of industrial property rights, in particular on the current judicial practice of the European Patent Office, the Bundesgerichtshof  [German Federal Supreme Court] and of the European Court of Justice.

Patent Law

Innovative ideas are unique and deserve unique protection. Often, special features of an invention are not readily apparent: With their technical expertise, our patent attorneys are always able to recognize the essence of an innovation. They are by your side when applying for your patents and also when defending your intellectual property rights, even in difficult situations.

Trademark and Design Law

The power of the trademark: We are with you every step of the way in creating an efficient trademark portfolio, and we support you in all licencing matters. From application filing right up to intensive searching of publications and prior rights that may come into conflict with protection, we campaign for your trademark. In addition to German, European and international trademarks, we also handle company symbols and domains.

No trademark without design: We advise you regarding setting up design protection for your products, and assist in the filing of German, European and international design registrations.

Competition Law

Protection against misrepresentation: Unfair competition, misleading advertisement or copying may harm your business. In this connection, competition law often touches on IP rights and is closely connected with patent, trademark or copyright infringements. Here, we can also support you with competition disputes, litigations and temporary injunctions.

Employee Invention Law

Fair for all: The right to inventions originating from German employees is subject to strict statutory rules. We advise on all matters related to employees’ invention, not only for the inventor as an individual but also as a member of a body or of a research institute, from the claiming and exploitation of the rights up to remuneration.

Copyright law

Right to intellectual property: We provide consultation in connection with licensing procedures and legal enforcement. Similarly, we support you in making contractual arrangements and in all issues relating to the exploitation of copyrights and copyright collection societies. In this connection we also protect your personality rights.

Licencing law

Share innovations: Every successful exploitation of an innovation by licensing requires comprehensive understanding of the respective IP rights. With many years of experience we are able to assess and balance the chances and risks when making licencing agreements. We assist you in negotiating the right to use and the terms of the contract for you.

Infringement of protective rights

IP rights and infringement of these rights constitute an ever increasing struggle – at a level and international level. We are ready to represent you in all disputes relating to infringements of patents and utility models and also relating to infringements under trademark law, design law, competition law and copyright law. In addition, we also perform freedom-to-operate analysis which prevents you from infringing IP rights of third parties. Our experienced patent attorneys are ready to assist you with professional opinions.

Central focus: life science

Life has much to offer: Our office is active in all areas of biotechnology, cell biology, genetics, immunology, microbiology, molecular biology, pharmacology, medicine and chemistry with extensive expertise in the natural sciences. We can support you in the patenting of your inventions in the life science field, as well as in the preservation and enforcement of your IP rights on the market. In particular, we are on top of the latest regulations in the pharmaceutical field and the European Biotech Directives. At the same time, we follow the latest trends closely in the protection of industrial property rights and important judicial practice at home and abroad. Only this way is it possible for us to provide our clients the best possible and most efficient strategy for protecting their IP rights in the field of life science. Here, the solid technical background of our attorneys and their many years of experience in research and development are of unlimited benefit to our clients.