If you stop getting better, you stop being good.

Philip Rosenthal

We represent your interests with utmost care and expertise

Schiweck Weinzierl Koch was established in January 2011 by the three partners, Dr. Wolfram Schiweck, Dr. Gerhard Weinzierl und Dr. Andreas Koch. In the meanwhile, our young and dynamic office has grown to include 20 colleagues in a modern working environment. As professionally specialised scientists, our patent attorneys have a strong technical expertise and excellent understanding of the law, so that even very complex ideas are understood, protected and defended, down to the smallest detail.

Our philosophy

Innovative ideas require innovative strategies for protection: As a committed patent firm providing specialist services, we represent the interests of our clients with our utmost care and expertise. For the enforcement of your rights, we are willing to look beyond the traditional structures and to pursue unconventional models. By virtue of our strong technical competence, coupled with practical experience, we are able to clearly and unequivocally identify innovations in the field of life science and safeguard them optimally.

Through open and constructive communication with our clients, we are able to find the best possible strategy. The aim is to be help our clients’ businesses in building up a solid and balanced IP portfolio. We fight hard to secure and defend any protective rights of our clients, whether Germany-wide, Europe-wide or worldwide, through international collaborations with selected patent firms and law offices.

Besides quality and proficiency, we place great emphasis on transparency and trust. Every client is provided with a personal contact to serve their best interests.

Thanks to our technical background we recognise trends before others do. To us it is important to be continuously and intensively engaged with the market and the competition in order to adapt the IP strategies in the best possible way.

We take the responsibility for protecting of your intangible assets.

Our social commitment

With our lectureship at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, we wish to pass on, in a practically relevant way, the pleasure we take in our profession to our students. By doing this we remain closely connected to development of the latest technology.

Our location

The Munich region is a hot spot for life sciences. Here we are close to the research and development at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München and the Martinsried research campus. Additionally, many renowned biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies are located in southern Germany.

Our office is only a few steps away from the European Patent Office and is in the immediate vicinity of the German Patent and Trade Mark Office.